Perfect Photo Ops Near Lincoln City Rentlas

Some of the most remarkable scenery in America can be found within a short drive from beach condo rentals in Lincoln City, Oregon.

The Pacific Northwest possesses more than its share of natural beauty, and that means scads of great opportunities for fantastic photos. While staying at Oregon beach vacation rentals near Lincoln City, Oregon, both the professional photographer and the Instagram amateur can find that perfect spot. Oregon beach rentals, naturally, have ocean views either from their front porch, or from very nearby.

Oregon Beach House Rentals

But no one will stay at their beach home rentals when in pursuit of that perfect shot. Among the things to do in Lincoln City, Oregon is to go out and find that perfect shot. A few sites are widely recognized as having the best views and the best backgrounds for photos. But the intrepid and creative photographer will always find new and amazing angles, with new lighting, that no one noticed and captured before.

A few of the best-known places for photos include The Knoll, a highpoint to the north of Lincoln City. A short drive from any of the many Lincoln City, Oregon vacation rentals, The Knoll is reached by a moderately strenuous one-mile hike, but the view is the payoff. A commanding view of Lincoln City, laid out beyond rolling, meadow-capped hills, greets the visitor, with the Pacific Ocean stretching far to the horizon. Photographers may capture gray whales breaching, or the most magical image of the sunset.

If a one-mile hike uphill isn’t in the cards for you, you can travel from any of the beach vacation rentals near Lincoln City, Oregon to visit tree-lined Siletz Bay. Formerly a busy port for the lumber industry, Siletz Bay now provides a haven for fishermen, picnickers, campers, kayakers, and, of course, photographers. The trees, the waters, the hills and mountains in the distance, and the array of activities undertaken by pleasure seekers provide a unique and always-changing backdrop for photo shoots and meditation.

The seven miles of sandy beach that separates Lincoln City from the Pacific Ocean presents a predictable, but lovely, setting for photos. Find shells, glass floats, unique pieces of driftwood, or capture the sunset as no one has seen it before. Let your imagination and quick eye craft the perfect photo as you stroll along the beach.

Let’s be frank: Lincoln City, Oregon photography is a never ending wonder. No matter where you choose to bring your camera and artistic eye, you will find great settings and great shots. The bigger problem you will have will be choosing which one to focus on!

Book your stay at any of Lincoln City, Oregon’s beach house rentals to start your Pacific Northwest photography experience soon!

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