Book Your Oregon Beach House Rentals for the Spring Break Glass Drop!

Oregon Beach House Rentals for the Spring Break Glass Drop!

It’s time to book your beach vacation rentals! Lincoln City is preparing for a special Spring Break glass drop as part of its signature promotion of glass floats on the beach, Finders Keepers, which includes periodic “drops” of radiantly colored glass floats between October 17, 2015 and May 30, 2016. This March, between the 19th and the 27th, the stretch of Pacific Ocean coastline that runs through Lincoln City, Oregon will come alive with hand-made glass art pieces that you are free to keep upon discovering. Book your Oregon beach house rentals today to be sure you’ll have the best possible accommodations for the festivities, and keep reading to learn more! 

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History of the “Finders Keepers” Project

The “Finders Keepers” project dates back to nearly two decades ago in 1997. An artist living and working in the Lincoln City area was inspired by the impending new millennium, and wanted to find a way to celebrate and welcome this new era. The city agreed to sponsor the project and its first season took place between the early fall of 1999 and the late spring of 2000. Numerous volunteers known as “Float Fairies” joined in to make the drops. Not only was this a way to mark the new millennium, but it also drew thousands of tourists from neighboring areas and across the nation. Everyone wanted to find their own signed and numbered glass float decorated with dazzling colors and designs, and many others visited local galleries throughout Lincoln City to purchase glass floats available for sale unnumbered. To this day, visitors still flock to this area every year between mid-October and Memorial Day to find and bring home their own float. 

Where and How to Find Your Own Glass Float   

During each glass drop, these unique pieces of hand-crafted art are dropped by “Float Fairies” along a 7½-mile stretch of publicly accessible coastline spanning from the Roads End Area in Lincoln City to Siletz Bay. The total number of glass floats dropped during a season always reflects the year, so this year 2,016 floats will be dropped, including 300 for the Spring Break event at the end of March. You will find the glass floats below the embankment of the beach and above the tidal line. Be careful to keep your eye on the ocean at all times, and never search during storms, as the fairies do not drop glass floats when the weather is frightful.   

After booking your beach vacation rentals, Lincoln City will be yours to explore. Whether you find a signed and numbered glass float, purchase an unnumbered one, or simply enjoy the Central Oregon Coast and everything it has to offer, you’ll return home as a winner.