Prepare for a Stress-Free Day on the Beach with the Whole Family


Every year, families of all sizes flock to the Oregon beach house rentals in Lincoln City to enjoy a few perfect days (or weeks) along this beautiful stretch of coastline. With such a gorgeous setting and wide array of beach rentals, Lincoln City, Oregon is an ideal setting for a family-friendly vacation. Whether your clan is large or small, though, you will need to do some planning before you set off from your rented beach house for a day at the beach.
Getting Ready – What to Bring for Family Fun
Whether you’re walking or driving to the beach, you will need to pack smart if you want your kids to stay happy and safe while you retain your sanity and even have a bit of fun yourself. The essentials include a mesh beach bag, water shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, lip balm, plenty of water, towels for drying off and big towels for sitting on (also consider yoga mats and foldable chairs for extra comfort), an extra bag for trash, any medications your family may need and, if you have a baby, whatever you’d normally pack in the diaper bag for a day out. If you’re bringing a picnic, also pack napkins, try to pack different foods in separate containers to avoid a sandy mess and consider a folding table for a clean place to eat. Here are a few more things you may want to pack for an extra touch of fun and cosiness:
·      a pop-up beach tent to provide shelter from the sun and sand;
·      a waterproof and/or washable toy for your little ones to cuddle while taking a nap;
·      a blow-up pool that will be your “front yard” for the kids to play in; and
·      toys such as noodles for the water, buckets and spades for building sandcastles, and whatever else will keep your kids entertained while you steal a moment to relax.
How to Keep Safe and Sane on the Beach
A day at the beach can quickly turn ugly if you’re not careful. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to think about safety when you’ve got a family in tow along the Central Oregon Coast. Firstly, try chilling your sunscreen to help cool down hot bodies and reapply about every 30 minutes to avoid cancer-causing rays. Pack some loose clothes and baby wipes as well, so you can help cool down any potential victims of sunburn as the day goes by. To avoid unnecessary hassle, think about things like going to the bathroom, keeping everyone well-fed and hydrated throughout the day, how the adults are going to carry everything to the beach, and how you’re going to get everyone off the beach when the day is winding down. And, finally, be wary of the waves and try to choose a spot where you can see a lifeguard.
You’re much more likely to have a full, happy and satisfied day along the Oregon Coast if you plan a few activities that everyone will enjoy. Exploring the local tide pools is a great idea, as you can teach your kids about respecting wildlife and show them magical creatures such as mollusks, snails and starfish that share the sea. Most importantly, let your kids be themselves as long as they aren’t putting themselves or anyone else in danger. A day on the beach should be fun for all!

With the right beach vacation rentals, Oregonand its majestic coastline is the perfect setting for a family vacation. And with the right planning you can create wonderful memories for years to come.

Pack and Plan for a Perfect Beach Trip in Lincoln City, Oregon

Once you’ve chosen the dates and booked your beach vacation rentals, Lincoln City and its 7½ miles of coastline will be yours to explore upon arrival. Whether you’re looking forward to a weekend of fun or planning to stay in one of our Lincoln City beach vacation rentals for a week or longer, there is sure to be some beach time in your itinerary. But what if your seaside excursion goes awry and ruins an otherwise idyllic holiday? Not to worry. The following tips will help ensure that you make the most of your time in this coastal paradise and enjoy a perfect day at the beach every time. 

Start Off by Packing Right

The first step to a perfect day at the Oregon Coast is the right beach bag to pack all the essentials. Make sure you find a bag that is big enough to fit everything you need, and that won’t easily fill with sand which you will inevitably track all over the place. A mesh tote is a good option for this. Also, if you’re packing sandwiches for lunch, make sure to pack each one in a separate container or wrapper, so if one is lost to the sand you’ll still have the rest intact. Now, on to the rest of the packing. Here’s what you’ll need to feel great all day:

·      Sunblock with at least 15 SPF (so you don’t get burned)

·      Bug spray (so you don’t return home covered in bites)

·      Any medications or inhalers that your family needs (in case of an emergency)

·      Bottled water to drink (to keep everyone hydrated)

·      A spray bottle of water with optional green tea bag (to keep your skin cool)

·      Lip balm with SPF (to keep your lips moist and protected from the sun)

·      A piece of cork or flotation device for your keys (so you don’t lose them underwater)

·      Water shoes (so you don’t cut your feet on the rocky ocean floor)

·      Yoga mats for sitting and towels for drying (to provide maximum comfort)

·      Reusable shopping bag or plastic bags for trash (so you don’t litter on the beach)

·      A dust broom if you’re driving (to sweep out sand)

Plan for Safety in Any Situation

If you plan ahead and learn a few helpful facts, you’re much more likely to keep yourself and those around you safe on the beach. Start off by learning about the local rip currents: how to identify them, how to avoid them and how to react if you or someone else is caught in them. Rip currents can often be identified by a break in the waves where you see foam, seaweed, a line of rubbish, choppy water, or different-colored water coming towards you. It’s best to swim where there’s a lifeguard, but if you get caught in a rip current and no one’s around, try to swim parallel to the seashore to avoid the current until you are safely closer to land. And, if you see someone else caught in one, call 911 immediately rather than trying to be a hero.

Health and safety should always be a concern when staying in one of our beach condo rentals. Lincoln City, Oregonis a safe, fun and welcoming place – but the ocean and the rest of Mother Nature are not always so predictable. While this might sound like a lot of planning and worrying for a day on the beach, it only takes a few extra minutes to make sure you’re ready for every possibility. That way, you can sit back and relax once you get there.