From Beach Rentals to Art Studios, Lincoln City Has It All!

When out-of-town visitors are getting ready to check into one of our beach rentals on the Central Oregon Coast, they often ask what there is to do in the surrounding areas of Lincoln City. And the answer is that the possibilities are virtually endless! It all depends on your interests, preferences, mood, budget and the time of year. Three of the first suggestions we usually make, however, are to hit the beach, head down to the recreation center, and have a hands-on experience at one of the local art studios. Once you’re checked into one of our beach rentals, Oregon hospitality and the state’s beautiful central coastline will do the rest!
The Beach
The beaches in and around Lincoln City, Oregon are known as some of the most exquisite on the west coast of North America. Locals and visitors alike enjoy beachcombing for agave and Japanese fishing floats, or exploring the tide pools for treasures and seafood harvesting. Clamming and crabbing clinics are offered throughout the year. Surfing and other water sports are popular as well. Whale-watching is perhaps the most popular activity around Lincoln City, though, so make sure to keep your eye out for those majestic creatures passing through!
The Rec Center
The Lincoln City Community Center is a great place to start your explorations around the city, or simply get a workout in between all your indulgent adventures and relaxation time. There is a fitness center with cardiovascular exercise and weight training machines, and a heated pool with classes offered year-round for all ages, among other amenities. The center also offers space for picnics and other events, so bring the whole gang and enjoy some family-friendly recreation!
The Art Studios
If you want to have a hands-on experience with art, make sure to check out at least one of the local art studios while you’re staying in one of our vacation rentals. Lincoln City, Oregon is known in particular for its glass blowing studios, but many types of arts and crafts by local artists are constantly being produced. You can check out the artists in action, see work on display, learn how it’s done yourself, and purchase a beautiful piece of art to take home with you!

From the beach, recreation center and art studios, you’ll begin to see that Lincoln City has quite a bit to offer any visitor. You might just find yourself planning another return trip soon to check out all the other cool things to do that you didn’t get to the first time around.