How to Pack for Your Upcoming Summer Vacation in Lincoln City

Lincoln City boasts some of the best beach vacation rentals Oregon has to offer, with miles of pristine coastline within walking distance and an array of local treasures to explore during a short stay or a longer getaway. If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful seaside town along the Central Oregon Coast, you can consider yourself lucky! You may also be thinking about all the work that lies ahead in preparing for your vacation, but remember that this is supposed to be a time to relax and have fun. So, follow these simple steps and your packing should be done in no time, so you can sit back and relax as your trip gets underway. 

1.     Pack according to how long you’re staying. Think about how many shirts and other essential articles of clothing you would normally wear in that period of time, then pack one extra. Most Oregon beach house rentals have laundry facilities on-site, but who wants to spend their vacation doing laundry? Keep it simple but avoid packing every possible thing that you might want to wear.

2.     Bring something you’ll feel confident wearing on the beach. Whether you’re wearing board shorts, a one-piece swimsuit or two-piece bikini, you should feel comfortable and confident when you’re enjoying some fun in the sun, sand and waves. Make sure you have some go-to beachwear as well as a casual pair of shorts. Some jeans or sturdy trousers and a light jacket are also a good idea, so you can enjoy walks on the beach later in the evening when it gets cooler.

3.     Picture yourself out on the sand. Getting all the way to your vacation home and walking to the ocean with your beach bag, only to realize you’ve forgotten something essential at home, can put a real damper on a sunny seaside day. So, before you take off, imagine that you are at the beach with everyone who will be joining you during your time away. What will you need to have with you? Sunscreen is an obvious one, but also think of whether you’ll want oversized beach towels, water canteens, buckets and spades, windbreakers, beach umbrellas or any other gear you normally use.

4.     Pack some first-aid essentials. This is especially important if you are traveling with children. If an accident happens, you’ll be glad you packed those bandages, antibiotic ointments, medicated creams and sunburn-relieving Aloe Vera products.

5.     Prepare for the amenities on-hand. Luckily, there are kitchens or kitchenettes in all of A-1’s beach rentals. Lincoln City, Oregon offers a wide range of options for groceries and other conveniences, so you won’t need to pack much in the way of food since you can purchase it all once you arrive. You may want to bring some specialty items to feel more at home, though, and you will definitely want to leave room in your budget for dining out at some of the delectable local restaurants. 

6.     Keep your paperwork in a safe place. The final step you will want to take before heading off for a stress-free summer break on the Central Oregon Coast is getting all your paperwork in order. If you have printouts of online bookings, rental car paperwork, important medical forms or other critical documents, keep them in a clear plastic bag in a safe place where you will remember it.

Now that you’ve finished packing with these six fool-proof steps, you’re ready to enjoy a wonderful time in Lincoln City! With the arrangements out of the way you will only need to “worry” about having fun