It’s That Time of Year Again: New Glass Floats ‘Drop’ onto Lincoln City Beaches

From seafood specialties to quaint beach home rentals Lincoln City always offers a reason to visit, but there are even more incentives to stop by this coastal Oregon town between October 22, 2016 and May 29, 2017. The annual Finders Keepers event takes place from mid-October to Memorial Day every year, bringing countless visitors and locals to the beaches in search of their own blown-glass float to take home. Keep reading to learn more about this special tradition that sets Lincoln City apart!

The Annual Hunt for Beautiful Glass Floats

Each year a new flock of volunteer ‘Float Fairies’ descends on the seven-mile stretch of coastline in Lincoln City, Oregon to hide handcrafted glass treasures made by local artists. Although the fairies drop 3,000 floats each year, the ‘official’ floats are only numbered up to the current year. That means there will be 2016 official floats this season, and one of them could be yours! If you find one of these numbered pieces of glass art, simply go to the Lincoln City Visitor Information Center or call (800) 452-2151 to register it and receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

Even if you don’t find one of the official floats, you can still stop by one of the local shops and galleries specializing in blown-glass art to purchase one for yourself. The unique glass artworks – inspired by floats left behind by old Japanese fishing vessels many years ago – are each different and capture the eye with their unmatchable swirls of color.

Some Facts to Consider Before Float-Hunting

If you plan on visiting for float season, one of the most important facts to consider is that the best vacation rentals are booked in advance. From two-story homes to condo rentals Lincoln Cityhas plenty of choices, but if you want to find the perfect accommodations for you and yours then make sure to plan ahead! It’s also important to be prepared for wet, cold and windy weather if you’re visiting this fall or winter. The Finders Keepers kick-off was even postponed for a week due to extreme weather conditions, so you can never tell what kind of weather you’re going to get. There are also some general rules to go by when you’re hunting for glass floats on the beach during Finders Keepers season. Here are some of the most important rules to remember:

·      Stick to the areas of the beach below the embankment and above the high tide line.

·      Never search for glass floats at night – they are always dropped during the day.

·      Daily drops may be cancelled when weather conditions are very dangerous.

·      Floats are always hidden where they can be easily found and never in areas that are private or dangerous to access.

·      Float Fairies hide their treasures in random places and at random times so don’t bother trying to find out where the ‘best spot’ to search is.

·      Periodically there will be special drops where other kinds of glass shapes such as coins, shells, sand dollars and sea shells are dropped.

·      Only numbered pieces of glass art can be registered.

As soon as you book your beach vacation rentals Lincoln City will be your next destination for family fun and new traditions! Finders Keepers is an annual tradition worth sharing again and again.