Know the Beach Rules Before Hitting the Oregon Coast

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Booking one of our Oregon vacation rentals along the state’s central coast is a great way to start planning for your next seaside getaway. It’s equally important, however, to plan and prepare for the beach itself. While you shouldn’t agonize too much over the rules and regulations of the Oregon  coast, you should at least take a few moments to understand the guidelines at any specific stretch of beach you plan on visiting. Here are a few important rules you and your loved ones should know before hitting the beach in Oregon:

Rules for Camping on the Beach
The majority of beaches in the State of Oregon do NOT allow visitors to pitch a tent and/or sleep right on the beach. Regardless of the rules, it’s also not safe to sleep on the beach for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are beautiful vacation rentals to suit couples, families and groups of all sizes within walking distance the most beautiful stretches of beach along the Oregon coast. And if you’re still set on camping, there are state parks with tent camping spots near the beach that are available for visitors to reserve in advance. Just don’t show up with a tent and expect to be able to sleep right on the sand.
Rules for Fires on the Beach
Most Oregon State Parks – including beaches – DO allow fires as long as they are kept under control. There are some that don’t allow fires, though, so always check what the rules are for the specific beach you’re visiting. Keeping the fire under control means a few things: building your fire away from vegetation lines and piles of driftwood, only using small pieces of wood (not big logs), and completely putting out the fire with water (rather than burying it and hiding hot embers that could burn someone walking over the sand later on). 
Rules for Dogs on the Beach
If you’re bringing a dog along on your seaside vacation in Oregon, it’s important to read the posted rules for any beach or state park you visit. Many of the beaches and parks require dogs to be leashed. And even if you see others letting their dogs roam free, you should always read the signage to make sure you are abiding by the rules and be conscious of your pet at all times. This means cleaning up after your dog so others can enjoy the beach as it was before you arrived.    
When it comes to beautiful ocean views and accommodating vacation rentals, Oregon is an ideal destination for all sorts of getaways. The Oregon coast offers opportunities for adventure, communing with nature, wining and dining, shopping, entertainment, and plain ol’ relaxing. So make the most of your getaway and plan ahead! While the last thing you want to think about on your vacation is a bunch of rules, it would be far worse to risk breaking the law or putting someone’s safety at risk at any one of the state’s wonderful beaches.

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