5 More Reasons to Book Your Oregon Beach Vacation in Winter

Still pondering a stay at one of our vacation rentals? Oregon coastal getaways are ideal in the winter, as we’ve already started to explore with a series of reasons explained in our last blog post, entitled “Why Winter is the Ultimate Time for an Oregon Beach Vacation.” Here are five more reasons why you should consider booking a vacation or weekend jaunt to the beautiful areas surrounding Oregon’s central coast.   
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6. Fine Dining to the Extreme

The culinary offerings you’ll find in the summertime are top-notch, but Oregon chefs are often more relaxed in the winter and the local seafood is always fresh. And, you’ll simply get a different perspective in the winter. You will find bisques, chowders, soups and stews that are not offered during the summer when things like grilled fish and salads are more popular. So dig in and enjoy!

7. A Chance to Explore

While summer seaside holidays are often rushed and frantic, winter holidays offer opportunities for exploring pockets of life you may not have had time for as you were trying to hit all the summer hot spots. You might find yourself meeting other visitors or dining with locals or invited to holiday parties. It all depends on how much you want to put yourself out there!

8. A Slower Pace of Life

As the world is bustling and buzzing and bursting at the seams with the winter holiday season, you can find yourself returning to the simpler way of life if you book one of our Oregon vacation rentals this December. So forget the worries of the city and unwind.

9. Blend in with the Locals

Some people prefer to blend in with the locals when they vacation. You can do that much more easily when you choose winter as the time to book one of our vacation rentals. Oregon coast locals are inundated with tourists in the summer, and some can be more stand-offish with all those crowds around. Local folks often see the winter as a time to unwind from a busy year, too, so they’re more likely to invite you for a conversation or a party, or clue you in to local activities such as holiday parades and charity events.

10. Reservations with Ease

While we already mentioned that unique culinary delights await you in Oregon seaside towns like Lincoln City during the winter, we neglected to mention that you can also get reservations to places in December that would be much harder to get into during the busy winter months. This also applies to museums and other attractions. In fact, you can probably walk right in without any reservations most nights! 

Now that you know winter is an ideal time for Oregon coast vacation rentals, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to book your vacation. In a matter of days you could be relaxing in style, and you’ll return to your friends and family with a renewed energy as the holidays and New Year commence.

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