Storm Chasing on the Oregon Coast

The early winter months are a perfect time to book one of our Oregon beach house rentals and experience Mother Nature in all her glory. The central Oregon coast comes alive during this time of year when storm-chasing is a favorite pastime of locals and visitors alike. Lincoln City will be your central hub for an adventure like no other as you watch the storms surge, the waves crash against the rocks, the rains pound the ground and the winds carry you away. There is also plenty to keep you occupied if the weather is calm, from food and drink to art and music. This is one sort of vacation where you won’t be wishing for calm weather, though. The following itinerary should help you see what kind of stormy adventures lie ahead on the central Oregon coast.

A Stormy Experience Like No Other

While summer is the busiest time of year for Lincoln City’s beach vacation rentals, Oregon offers a thrillingly unique coastal environment when winter rolls around. There is a certain electricity in the air as storms draw near and the winds start to whip the air into a frenzy. Weather forecasts can tell you when a storm is approaching, but you can also listen for the sounds of birds singing and chattering wildly before growing eerily calm.

As the mighty sea rages against the coastal lands, you will want to stay away from hiking trails and watch the ocean from a distance. This makes for an ideal time to enjoy a day at a local spa, take a cooking class or learn about the local culture at a museum or gallery. If the grey skies fail to produce any rain, though, you will find that the hiking trails are just as spectacular even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. After a day of enjoying Lincoln City, you’ll also be happy to enjoy a pre-dinner drink as you take in the view from one of our ocean-facing beach rentals. Lincoln City, Oregon is known for excellent coastal viewpoints and many of our finest vacation rentals boast equally stunning views with windows that wrap round the structure.

As your storm-chasing adventure continues, you may want to leave Lincoln City and take a day trip north through Pacific City, up to Tillamook, into Rockaway Beach and to the Cannon Beach. The drive will showcase many of the area’s best natural wonders, and the arty community of Cannon Beach will offer a comfortable setting as you prepare for the next leg of your journey – the South Jetty in Fort Stevens State Park. Whether the skies are calm, or storms are on the way, the observation deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean in one direction and the Columbia River in the other direction will take your breath away. At this point, though, you may well be ready for the 2½-hour drive back to Lincoln City for the night.

Ongoing Activities to Round Out Your Days

Storm-chasing is a wonderful way to spend your days, but you’ll want to enjoy some other aspects of Lincoln City during your stay. You can take a walk on the beach to find one of the colorfully decorated, hand-blown glass floats that are dropped in various hiding spots every day when the weather permits between October and May as part of “Finders Keepers on the Beach.” Or, live music at the Snug Harbor Bar & Grill and Roadhouse 101 every weekend may tickle your fancy. You may also want to check out The People Are Dancing Again, an ongoing exhibit at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum featuring artifacts such as basketry and beadwork, interpretive panels and fascinating photographs. Book your Oregon beach house rental today and see just how much this area has to offer as winter approaches!

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