Great Breakfast Options near your Oregon Beach Rental

Every day should start with a great breakfast when staying in our Oregon beach rentals. Lincoln City, Oregon has many, many great breakfast options.

In fact, with the number of great breakfast options in Lincoln City, we should probably be known as the Breakfast Coast! Guests in our Oregon beach home rentals can choose from among many options — from traditional breakfast fare done perfectly, to crepes and delicate offerings, to quirky and interesting. And with the large number of options, all Oregon coast vacation rentals are near at least a couple of great options.

Another feature of breakfast near Oregon vacation homes is the availability of fresh seafood options. Whether salmon, crab, or other fresh catch, our breakfast spots make good use of the fruit of the ocean.

We’ll share some of the great breakfast spots near our Oregon beach condo rentals, but by no means are these the only great one’s worthy of your taste buds.

First is Nelscott Breakfast House. Nelscott serves a wide array of omelettes, many different benedicts, and generously topped french toast, all with as much excellent coffee as you can handle. Nelscott’s has been a local favorite for many for a long time. Let them become your go-to spot for breakfast whenever you’re staying in Oregon vacation homes in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Our second option is the Wildflower Grill. Wildflower Grill offers a wooded creek side respite from the hustle and bustle of Highway 101 and Lincoln City in general. The menu also doesn’t disappoint. All baked goods, including the breads for toast, are made on-location daily. Don’t miss this little gem tucked away for your rest and relaxation.

Another great local breakfast spot is Zest Creperie & Boutique. If you’ve never had crepes for breakfast, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Zest’s makes delicate crepes, and stuffs them to perfection with the most delectable combinations of flavors. Your mouth will thank you for giving Zest a try the next time you’re staying in beach rentals near Lincoln City, Oregon.

Otis Cafe reopened after a devastating fire, and it’s a good thing! This beloved little restaurant has been a local favorite for a long time, and for good reason! The portions are large, and their cooking is some of the best on the Oregon coast. You’ll soon make Otis one of your family traditions when coming to the coast.

The last breakfast spot we’ll talk about today is Vivian’s Restaurant. Vivian’s windows and deck overlooks the water and a wooded landscape beyond. So, you can watch to see what wildlife might come around while you’re waiting for your smoked pork breakfast burrito or house-made bloody Mary.

So, book your stay on the Oregon coast and find a new favorite breakfast spot! With as many options as we have, you’ll have to come back to the Oregon coast many times!

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