The Whale-Watching Possibilities of a Lincoln City, OR Vacation

Have you ever dreamed of a whale-watching vacation complete with one of those luxurious, Lincoln City is a perfect location in the heart of this idyllic stretch of coastline. There are enough finely-appointed Oregon beach house rentalsavailable here to make the memories of your whale-watching adventure an experience you’ll never forget. While Gray Whales are the most common to see from the shore or especially while on a whale-watching tour, there are several other species of whale that you might just be lucky enough to see. Here are all the whales that you might find, if the timing is right, near the Oregon coast:
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all-amenities-included beach rentals? Lincoln City, OR might just be the perfect destination for your next vacation, then. There are many different types of whales found along the Oregon coast and

Gray Whales
This is the most common whale found along the Oregon coast both during migration season and throughout the year, as some have even made this area their permanent home. Gray Whales can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and grow as long as 50 feet, but this massive size doesn’t stop them from soaring as high as 15 feet into the air.

Orca Whales
The Orca, also known as the Killer Whale, is also fairly common to spot from Oregon’s coastline, though nowhere near as common as the Gray Whale. You will be most likely to spot an Orca in April, when they are chasing babies, but there are rare sightings of transient Orcas in other parts of the year.    
Blue Whales
If you manage to get ten miles from the shoreline during a whale-watching tour, you may be lucky enough to spot a Blue Whale. These behemoths get as big as 180 tons and 100 feet long, making them hard to miss for those lucky enough to be graced with their splendid presence.
Minke Whales
The Minke Whale is not frequently seen from the Oregon Coastline, but there are occasional sightings on whale-watching tours. Those who get out on a tour that reaches miles out into the ocean will be more likely to see a Minke, which is known for its darker color, white underside, and ability to dive for as long as 15 minutes.
Humpback Whales
The Humpback Whale is usually only spotted near the Oregon Coast during summer and in some peak migration periods during the springtime, and even then they are usually only spotted on a whale-watching tour at least 15 miles off the shore. But if you are lucky enough to see one, you’ll be impressed with their length – at up to 60 feet long – and their trademark hump and knobby head.
Sperm Whales
The Sperm Whale is usually only spotted near the Oregon Coast between March and September by boats that are sitting miles offshore. As the largest toothed whale with the biggest brain of any creature on Earth, these magical creatures are worth the wait if you’re able to finally see one.
The lesson here might just be that a professional whale-watching tour is the only way to go once you have booked your stay at one of the many local beach vacation rentals. Lincoln City, OR has many tours and accommodations to choose from.      

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