On the Beach of the Central Oregon Coast

People come to stay in charming Oregon beach rentals along the state’s central coast year-round, but summer is truly when this section of seaside comes alive with a flurry of people and activity. So what’s so special about the Central Oregon coast, which centers on the town of Lincoln City, you ask? What is it that keeps people coming back to these Oregon vacation homes year after year for a little bit of time away from it all? It’s very simple – the water and everything that goes on around it is what keeps many people coming back. If you love being in the water, near the water or even just gazing upon the water from afar, this area is an ideal getaway spot for you. Keep reading to learn more about what’s going on around the beach and in the water of the Central Oregon coast this summer…

There are 7 ½ miles of public beaches along the coastline of Lincoln City alone, with a world of natural wonders to explore from there. Life on the beach is unique here in the summertime for a number of reasons. One popular pastime for local beach goers this time of year is tide-pooling, as there are numerous quiet pools of serene saltwater where youngsters and grownups alike can view and interact with all sorts of unique creatures. If rocks are more your thing, the beach area in and around Lincoln City is also ideal for agate and rock hunting. And, of course, you can’t forget the kites. Whether you are here for the summer kite festival or just enjoying a day with a bit of wind, it’s always fun to fly a kite on the beach.     

Getting Right into the Water

If you’re a bit more daring, you probably want to get right into the water and enjoy it for everything it has to offer. The Central Oregon coast is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers because of the multitude of public beaches, lakes, trails and other coastal environments. Surfing is one of the most obvious reasons to get into the ocean. Those looking to get wet can rent a board and a wetsuit, if they haven’t brought their own, and lessons are also available from Lincoln City’s popular surf shops. Not everyone is ready for surfing, but that doesn’t mean the whole gang can’t get into the water with a board. Paddle boarding is also a popular pursuit in lakes, bays and oceans, for every age and skill level. Kayaking and kite boarding are also common pastimes for visitors and locals around the Central Oregon coastline, as well as around its lakes during the warmer months. All the equipment for paddle boarding, kayaking, wind surfing, kite surfing and other aquatic sports is available for rent or purchase at several shops throughout the heart of Lincoln City. 

While no particular excuse is needed to enjoy some time away in one of our accommodating Oregon vacation rentals, those who love the beach and the water will be especially pleased with the local offerings. Many visitors even make it an annual (or more frequent) tradition because they’re so fond of what they find around the coastline here.

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