Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals

How would you like to stay in an Oregon coast vacation rental with a detached cigar house or a gazebo, or a hot tub on a sundeck that looks out onto the ocean? At A-1 Beach Rentals, you can do just that in our unique rental properties. With room for two to 16 people and amenities such as a game room or wireless internet access, these modern, craftsman and historic homes will keep you returning to the coast year after year.

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For example, the Whistling Winds Motel has 15 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and will accommodate up to 50 guests. It's perfect for that long-awaited family reunion or to rejuvenate your team during a small corporate retreat. This 1930s motor coach motel has been restored and features quaint vintage rooms with kitchenettes.

Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals

Another example is Pelican Perch, a two-bedroom, one-loft, multi-level home with a spiral staircase. When you're on the lower level, you have a 360-degree view, allowing you to see both the beach and the mountains. It has a 50-foot walkway to the beach, making it the ideal place for couples and families alike.

No matter which one of A-1 Beach Rental's properties you choose, you'll find that Oregon coast vacation rentals offer you a superior vacation experience. On your next trip to the Oregon coast, stay in comfort and affordability. Make your reservation online today or contact us with questions.

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