Type: House
Pets Allowed: No
Location: 1724 NW Harbor Lincoln City, OR 97367






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Surf and sand are a 1 block walk. Living room & kitchen have a beautiful open floor plan with fireplace . Bright & Beachy throughout with cozy new sofa and easy recline chair for that favorite book or movie. King Bedroom with french doors open to your private patio & hot tub. How about a BBQ after your soak. Enjoy a 2nd observation deck with chairs and peak of the ocean, perfect for sunbathing! Close to shopping, restaurants, best bakery in town and Casino. 48" flat screen
Fully loaded kitchen and washer & dryer.
*4 guests max including any stop by visitors.
We have always taken cleaning seriously but are working extra hard to sanitize every surface following Covid-19 CDC Guidelines and contactless check in.


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October 2023
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November 2023
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05 $150 06 $150 07 $150 08 $150 09 $150 10 $226 11 $192
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19 $150 20 $150 21 $150 22 $158 23 $197 24 $286 25 $218
26 $150 27 $150 28 $150 29 $150 30 $150
December 2023
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      01 $160 02 $166
03 $150 04 $150 05 $150 06 $150 07 $150 08 $191 09 $196
10 $150 11 $150 12 $150 13 $150 14 $150 15 $192 16 $184
17 $150 18 $150 19 $150 20 $150 21 $150 22 $317 23 $333
24 $233 25 $162 26 $150 27 $150 28 $167 29 $305 30 $342
31 $258
January 2024
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  01 $189 02 $150 03 $150 04 $150 05 $235 06 $245
07 $150 08 $150 09 $150 10 $150 11 $150 12 $219 13 $271
14 $150 15 $150 16 $150 17 $150 18 $150 19 $181 20 $228
21 $150 22 $150 23 $150 24 $150 25 $150 26 $169 27 $213
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February 2024
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04 $150 05 $150 06 $150 07 $150 08 $150 09 $237 10 $246
11 $150 12 $150 13 $150 14 $150 15 $150 16 $204 17 $251
18 $150 19 $150 20 $150 21 $150 22 $150 23 $192 24 $249
25 $150 26 $150 27 $150 28 $150 29 $150
March 2024
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      01 $200 02 $263
03 $150 04 $150 05 $150 06 $150 07 $150 08 $228 09 $286
10 $150 11 $150 12 $150 13 $150 14 $150 15 $204 16 $240
17 $150 18 $150 19 $150 20 $150 21 $150 22 $238 23 $223
24 $150 25 $150 26 $150 27 $150 28 $180 29 $252 30 $226
31 $150
April 2024
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  01 $150 02 $150 03 $150 04 $186 05 $228 06 $196
07 $150 08 $150 09 $150 10 $150 11 $170 12 $216 13 $201
14 $150 15 $150 16 $150 17 $150 18 $153 19 $208 20 $211
21 $150 22 $150 23 $150 24 $150 25 $150 26 $208 27 $237
28 $152 29 $150 30 $150
May 2024
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    01 $150 02 $150 03 $215 04 $262
05 $162 06 $150 07 $150 08 $150 09 $163 10 $257 11 $284
12 $176 13 $157 14 $150 15 $150 16 $161 17 $252 18 $296
19 $173 20 $150 21 $150 22 $150 23 $150 24 $243 25 $342
26 $232 27 $207 28 $150 29 $150 30 $150 31 $246
June 2024
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       01 $279
02 $204 03 $172 04 $177 05 $160 06 $172 07 $325 08 $289
09 $223 10 $225 11 $231 12 $223 13 $239 14 $306 15 $349
16 $333 17 $279 18 $280 19 $263 20 $322 21 $314 22 $320
23 $280 24 $275 25 $279 26 $272 27 $268 28 $320 29 $378
30 $329
July 2024
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  01 $428 02 $429 03 $414 04 $404 05 $463 06 $467
07 $509 08 $429 09 $457 10 $490 11 $385 12 $429 13 $475
14 $248 15 $263 16 $278 17 $353 18 $459 19 $605 20 $607
21 $681 22 $534 23 $406 24 $286 25 $393 26 $329 27 $330
28 $252 29 $289 30 $284 31 $280
August 2024
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04 $264 05 $289 06 $288 07 $278 08 $276 09 $309 10 $365
11 $354 12 $359 13 $351 14 $281 15 $269 16 $306 17 $328
18 $272 19 $269 20 $270 21 $264 22 $282 23 $298 24 $311
25 $250 26 $234 27 $234 28 $228 29 $213 30 $306 31 $338
September 2024
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
01 $312 02 $231 03 $184 04 $198 05 $233 06 $271 07 $269
08 $208 09 $180 10 $191 11 $176 12 $189 13 $256 14 $245
15 $173 16 $150 17 $156 18 $150 19 $153 20 $223 21 $225
22 $159 23 $150 24 $184 25 $166 26 $166 27 $208 28 $219
29 $153 30 $150


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Recent Reviews About This Property

"The cottage was just as described - very charming and surprisingly big. The bed was extremely comfortable. Hot tub was in working order and it was well stocked with kitchen equipment. The entry floor needs some work.
But remember it is on a back street without much access to view or to the stairs which are a few blocks north. But a fun property. "

from Olympia, 09/28/2023

"The Nantucket house was a great stay for our family! We stayed a few days and really enjoyed the hot tub, full kitchen and the puzzles and games in the cupboard. If you have little ones, under 2, you will have to do a quick baby proofing sweep and there aren’t any specific toys or books there for them so be sure to bring your own things! Thanks for the lovely stay��"

from Salem, 04/16/2023

Manager Response: Thanks for the nice review of Nantucket. I'm so happy you had a wonderfrul time and enjoyed that hot tub and well stocked kitchen. Appreciate your feedback and instruction for anyone bringing a baby. It's usually couples but babies are always welcome. Thanks for staying.

"We where on our honeymoon no certains and didn't get a discount or a heads up at the least wouldn't be a big deal if there wasn't a big hotel right across the streets"

Jeffrey S. from Caldwell, 04/02/2023

Manager Response: I added nice new curtains throughout the living room this week. Sorry that a couple of curtains (side windows) were damaged and had to be replaced in the living room . Hope you had a nice honeymoon otherwise and will come back to enjoy a perfect stay. How about a discount for a future stay or 1st anniversary? I'll make note on your reservation. Thanks for the heads up and your stay at Nantucket.

"This property was clean and as descrubed. We had super cold wet weather and wished there was a heater in the bedroom so bring a heater blanket if you are staying during cold wet weather. The fireplace was perfect for the main area but firewood was hard to purchase due to the demand as all stores were sold out. We got the last box of duraflame logs at Safeway so lucked out. Hosts were very accommodating when the fridge went on the blink and brought us a cooler w ice to get out purchases. Clean hot tub and plenty of towels. Kylios restaurant has the best clam chowder ever! Would stay here again if we ever come back to the area. "

terri r. from helena, 03/10/2023

Manager Response: Hi Terri, Thank you for such a nice review, we are so happy we were able to help out during your stay with all the crazy weather we had. Look forward to having you stay with us again in the future!

"Nice little cabin. Clean and comfortable."

Doug K. from Hoquiam, 02/02/2023

Manager Response: Hi Doug, We're so happy that you enjoyed your stay! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, and we hope that you choose to stay with us again!

"Very cute Cape Cod-like home. Very close to a great beach and to center of town. Very clean with no smells. Deficiencies - very little storage in kitchen or bedroom, now way to get ventilation except to leave doors open and no outdoor privacy."

from Sherwood, 09/23/2022

Manager Response: Thanks for staying at Nantucket and the great feedback on cute and very clean. Sparkly clean and well stocked are top goals. There is a nice new window in the kitchen and the big french doors that can make for a strong fresh cross breeze. I'm sorry you didn't open that window. That's why it was built and installed earlier in the year. The house is small but quaint and perfect . You can't beat the rates at $125 pr nt. I would say there's not a house in town that close to the beach for that kind of deal! Thanks for the feedback.

"This Is Just An Amazing Place, And It Was Super Clean. In Addition To That It Is Close To Everything. You Can Hear The Ocean At Night And Feel The Power In The Air. "

Roy R. from Milwaukie, 11/07/2022

Manager Response: Thanks for staying at The Nantucket. The ocean air does wonders . Hope to see you for another great stay.

"This rental offers good value. It's very clean and comfortable. The main bedroom does not have a window, so we would leave the door cracked for some fresh air. "

Cody W. from Calgary, 08/03/2022

Manager Response: French doors take the place of any window. I love that little cottage. I'm glad you enjoyed the Nantucket!

"Probably not the best person to ask. My husband and I were sick the entire time and didn't get to enjoy any of the amenities. We found long hairs in the sink. We both have short hair. Very little light in the shower area. Would have been nice to see what side is hot from cold. Apparently it's reversed. I would recommend this location. Just don't forget your own condiments."

from Vashon, 07/20/2022

Manager Response: No we don't supply condiments. Guest should bring their own Toiletries and condiments. I will let the owner know about the lighting. Thanks

"The quaint Nantucket House was the perfect retreat location for my wife and I to get away for a couple days! The house had all of the essentials needed for a visit to the coast; only recommendation would be a smart TV for binge-watching; otherwise an excellent stay."

from Newberg, 06/07/2022

Manager Response: Ahhh, thanks for staying at The Nantucket. I'm happy you had everything you needed. A smart TV is a must. I'm on it.

"Great responsive management team. Building and outside steps in very dangerous condition. It poured just prior to our visit, something leaked alot of water. The immediate smell of mustiness was proof that this was not the 1st time it had leaked. The smell was overpowering all weekend. The "hot" tub never got hot despite running nonstop with the cover on. The worst part was the moss covered steps. I fell even though I was aware of the moss, and fell hard. The bruise it left was 18" long. There was a months worth of dust on all the light fixtures. "

Melissa .. from Portland, 12/22/2021

Manager Response: Thanks for the review and Heads Up on the leak. We found a disconnected gutter causing a repair issue. Lincoln City had a big storm prior to your arrival and 7 inches of rain in a 24 hr period. The hot tub works great. It's best to give a call so that we can check a breaker or the tub thermostat . It's usually an easy & quick fix. The upper deck stairs have been pressure washed and are safe (not slick). Thanks to your feedback, the house had a deep clean & dusting, including upper light fixtures in the vaulted ceiling. I'm so sorry you slipped and so relieved that you were ok. Thanks again for the time taken to let us know what needed to happen to make everything safe and wonderful for the next guest.

"It was amazing"

Kevin C. from Independence, 11/21/2021

Manager Response: Ahh, What a wonderful review . Much work is done to make it sparkle and Keep it well stocked. Thanks so much for staying.

"The home was beautiful and fairly quite. I enjoyed the location just wish there wasn't a giant hotel across the street or else we would have had a amazing view (at no fault of the owner's of course). The house was clean and very homey feel to it. "

Jennifer E. from Hermiston, 11/11/2021

Manager Response: I'm so happy you loved your stay at Nantucket. Sparkly clean and well stocked are the top goals. Thank you for staying.

"The cottage was very cozy& comfortable. Close to the beach & walking distance to the downtown shops. We would definitely stay there again."

CHRIS H. from PUYALLUP, 10/08/2021

Manager Response: Ahhh, I'm so happy you loved the Nantucket and mentioned All the things that make it so wonderful. Thanks for staying and hope to see you again soon.

"So close to the beach, it’s literally one ‘house’ over. But you can’t really see it. What the pics don’t show is the three story condo right in front of the decks which are your only view.
Upside: basically functional side of condos. So no one is paying attention to you. You are the easiest walk to the beach.
The house is adorable. The one bathroom one bedroom is perfect for a couple at the coast for a few days.
Cleaning could be done more thoroughly but all in all, it’s a great little house "

from Salem, 09/01/2021

Manager Response: Thanks for taking the time to give such great description and feedback for Nantucket. I'll get details on cleaning which is top priority especially now. Thanks for coming to stay at Nantucket.

"very good, very comfortable"

from Salem, 08/20/2021

Manager Response: Clean , comfortable and well stocked are the top goals. I'm so happy you loved your stay . Thanks so much for visiting Nantucket.

"Wonderful! James and Kara were very communicative- we got married while we stayed in their guesthouse at Whistling Winds and had A LOT of questions. Everything was clean and our house was even ready early!"

Patiance S. from Milwuakie, 08/13/2021

Manager Response: Congrats!! It's super special that The Nantucket Beach House and Whistling Winds Motel made your special wedding perfect! Clean and comfortable , well stocked are the top goals at The Nantucket Beach House & Whistling Winds Motel.

"Cozy,clean,and close to beach. Perfect space for two. "

Joann Z. from Albany, 08/09/2021

Manager Response: Cozy and Clean, well stocked are the top goals. I'm happy you had a nice time at The Nantucket. Thanks so much for staying.

"The house was perfect for the 3 of us. We loved the windows and the deck area with the hot tub. Only complaint is that the house could definitely use some updating. The bathroom smelled so strongly of urine it was unbearable to be in there without the fan going and spraying air freshener the entire time. We wished the windows would open to let more fresh air in as well. At one point the whole house felt damp. I understand with older houses that can happen but it was a little uncomfortable. "

from Banks, 06/29/2021

Manager Response: I'm happy the house was perfect for your group of 3. Thanks to all for staying. That private deck and hot tub off the king bedroom are the best. The house has a new roof and is well maintained but damp can happen at the coast. Thanks for the heads up on the bathroom drain.

"We had a fantastic time. The house was a perfect size for us. Sad about the view. We feel the only thing that was missing is a dishwasher and an outside shower. We thought it was very thoughtful to have smoking stations. Dealing with 2 kids, sometimes dad needs a smoke break. Hot tub was clean, but the power of the jets was minimal at best. Overall, it was just what the fam needed, and we will definitely be back. Trash was full, we were going to call as instructed, but someone had taken the inishitive (sp)and handle it already"

Keith M. from PORTLAND, 06/05/2021

Manager Response: Happy you had a great time. Although no view , the beach access is only 1 blk to the South. Walkability is great because there are also some fun shops, restaurant and bakery just 4 blks West. Clean ,comfortable, low price and great customer service are the top goals. Thanks for staying and hope to see you parents for another nice break!

"This house was very warm and cozy I loved staying there "

Dayshanay S. from Portland , 04/30/2021

Manager Response: We are glad you "loved" staying at NANTUCKET, a long time favorite of many. This one bedroom (king) home has all you need to enjoy a good break: hot tub, deck over the house, patio, full kitchen, clean and close to beach and town. Come again! - Lynn

"Very pleasant accommodations; cottage was clean and pleasant, no view but this was accurately described in write up. All systems worked as promised and fireplace was a bonus on a cold night. Hot tub was very good and convenient. "

Al G. from Portland, 03/20/2021

Manager Response: This cozy vintage, updated cottage has what is needed for a great getaway - yes, the fireplace is so wonderful, the hot tub, comfy, close to both ocean and town. Please come again! - Lynn

"Comfortable. The downside is the view from the front windows is a massive hotel. Beautiful woodwork throughout. Comfortable bed. "

Emily S. from Kalama, 02/25/2021

Manager Response: Thank you, and yes, NANTUCKET is a sweet cottage, built many years ago before the condominium complex across the street was there. The upside to this home is comfort, hot tub, complete kitchen, clean, and just a few minutes to walk to the beach or town. Come again! - Lynn

"Clean roomy and nice had a great time just missing a view but a very short walk to beach"

Jeremy m. from Scotts Mills, 02/16/2021

Manager Response: This cottage has been part of A1 for many, many years, and at one time there were few other homes in the area, so yes, the view has changed but NANTUCKET cannot be beat for a fun getaway - complete kitchen, hot tub, king bed, and about 5 minutes walk to beach or town. Come again! - Lynn

"Loved the location, the hot tub, the bed, nice thick towels, and quiet neighborhood with great beach access."

from Portland, 01/30/2021

Manager Response: Thank you for staying at NANTUCKET, we appreciate your review of this well loved cozy cottage! Close to both beach and town, Nantucket is a comfortable and peaceful getaway. Come again! - Lynn

"We spent six days at Nantucket for an extended beach getaway. The house is a good value -- fully equipped kitchen, cozy fireplace, great hot tub out on the deck, perch on top of the house for sunset cocktail hour. We are hypercritical when it comes to beds, and we thought this was one of the best hotel/VRBO beds we've ever slept in. I slept like a baby every night -- sound of the waves helps!

Good location, a couple blocks to beach access and a couple blocks up to 101 Ocean Lake district -- lots of shops and restaurants. Bob's Beach Books is a great little gem."

Ray D. from Portland, 12/16/2020

Manager Response: Honestly, we at A1 are inspired by those who enjoy their stays as much as you did. NANTUCKET certainly is a great value - location, comfort, real fireplace, hot tub, and close to beach & town- no need to drive anywhere if you don't want to. Hope to see you again! - Lynn

"The Nantucket was just what we needed. Very warm and "homey" feeling with this place. The hot tub is a very nice perk as well. We had no issues with the property or house. (It is probably just me, but I only found one wine glass. Might be nice to have two). We will definitely be back."

Josh B. from Lebanon, 12/08/2020

Manager Response: When I read that there was only "one wine glass," I wondered where the others had gone to so I will have them replaced, thank you! Otherwise, your anniversary getaway sounds great! The NANTUCKET is a longtime fav of many b/c of location (beach & town), comfort, hot tub/patio, and that "homey" feeling. Please come again! - Lynn

"This is a cute, low-tech, house with lots of classic charm. We enjoyed the old details in it's construction, the wood paneling, bricks, and tiles... The hot tub was a nice touch of modern comfort. It's a shame the new hotel across the street blocks much of the ocean view (you can see the view in the old photobooks!). "

Luke C. from BEAVERTON, 11/03/2020

Manager Response: Thank you for succinctly describing our NANTUCKET! Yes, this property is a classic charm; comfortable while retaining its originality; great hot tub and lookout. Yes, progress gave this town some hotels that block views from years gone by; however, beach access is a short walk away. Hope to see you again! - Lynn

"Great for a couple. Loved the hot tub! "

from Portland , 10/27/2020

Manager Response: For a relaxing couple's getaway, or a quiet retreat for one, NANTUCKET has everything needed to make this happen, and we are happy you enjoyed your time away. Hot tub/a short walk to beach or town/king bed/full kitchen. - Lynn

"We were so pleasantly surprised and happy with the beach house from A1 Beach Rentals. We could tell the owner of the home spends time making sure their property is top notch. It was warm and inviting. A great place to come back to after a long day shopping or beach combing. Thank you!"

Cheryl S. from Portland, 10/21/2020

Manager Response: Oh, we are delighted that you enjoyed NANTUCKET, the very first home of A1! This sweet home continues to offer everything needed to have a special time with another or a quiet retreat alone. Please come again! - Lynn

"The Nantucket is adorable, has everything you need (plus), its location is perfect and was a pleasure staying in such a cute place. We enjoyed the home very much."

Joanie C. from Molalla, 10/17/2020

Manager Response: I'm so happy you loved The Nantucket. The location has such nice walkability to the beach ,shops, restaurants, etc. Thank you for staying.

"clean, quiet & peaceful."

from Bend, 10/16/2020

Manager Response: Thank you for staying at NANTUCKET, a sweet retreat for one or a couple - hot tub, viewing area, and comfort! Come again! - Lynn

"This is a great location for a couple to spend quality time together. Very quiet area and private deck with hot tub. Had everything we needed."

Simon B. from Ellensburg , 10/11/2020

Manager Response: This "first property" is a great "couples retreat," or for anyone who just wants to get away for two or three days - it offers comfort along with its deck/hot tub, and upper outdoor viewing area, and so close to the beach1 Come again! - Lynn

"The house is cute, loved the hot tub. This place really needs a new mattress though. Super soft & worn in on two sides with a high plateau in the middle. We slept horrible. I personally wish there was non toxic chemical cleaners used. I'm very sensitive to the scents. Also wish more windows were available to be opened for fresh air. Loved the upper deck and otherwise great. Thank you."

Gitanjali H. from Portland, 10/05/2020

"We loved this house!! It's so close to the beach. The house is adorable and was very clean and comfortable! "

Stephanie B. from Merrill, 10/02/2020

Manager Response: We are so pleased that you enjoyed A-1's first ever property! NANTUCKET has everything you need in this comfy, "adorable" home including a look-out deck, hot tub, and fireplace. Hope to see you again! - Lynn

"It was good. However, there were not enough paper towels and the kit be. Exec some essentials."

rochelle H. from Vancouver, 07/27/2020

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed your stay at NANTUCKET, one of a1's first vacation rental properties. Located in a popular area close to everything beachy, NANTUCKET offers comfort, a great hot tub, and a quick walk to the beach. Please come again! PS- will mention the problem with the kit to housekeeping. - Lynn

"House is really cute and it was very clean. It was a beautiful weekend and a little muggy. We could have used a fan for air movement. Loved the unit and very comfortable for 4 people. Had everything we needed. It could use one more chair and a larger TV in the living room but otherwise it was great. "

from BEAVERCREEK, 07/14/2020

Manager Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed The Nantucket house. It's a rare day on the Oregon Coast it's muggy but can happen. Thanks for the suggestions on larger TV and chair. Fan will be added. Thanks, Karen

"My friend and I wanted a weekend away, and boy were we not disappointed! This was the best choice for our stay. The bed was comfortable, the location was perfect and the hot tub was amazing. For sure can’t wait to come back for a romantic getaway with my husband or a family vacation with the kids. "

Morgan K. from Lebanon, 06/09/2020

Manager Response: We appreciate your great comments on NANTUCKET, and are so glad to know you want to return. - Lynn

"It was great!"

from Salem, 03/24/2020

"Me and my 20 year old daughter stayed here for 3 nights. It was clean and cute and quiet. We stay at beach houses often but thia one was perfect for the 2 of us. We will for sure be back. Wish those condos were not there but the house is so special and the windows are to die for. "

from Carson, 03/13/2020

"We do a yearly getaway at this time of the year to get away from the chaos of everyday life and to remember our granddaughter who passed two days after Christmas 3 years ago. This year there was no relaxing or enjoyment as the house was absolutely filthy when we arrived, requiring (after attempting to clean it ourselves) a different housekeeper to come and clean taking our entire first evening. The second day we attempted to make a fire to find there was no firewood or working lighter, we went to grill and the grill was covered in long hairy mold. We requested more propane to make sure there was enough to properly clean the grill and cook our meals at which point we were told they would drop it around back. I left to the store as my wife took a shower, when she got out and began to dry her hair, there was a loud knock where she wrapped herself to partially open the door at which time the maintenance man proceeded to walk through the house when she was there alone. I was very unhappy. Then the next morning there was multiple leaks requiring three bowls on the floor between the living and dining room. that never got fixed. Needless to say this is simply a brief description of the disappointment we experienced. We are not high maintenance but will never, due to the filthiness (also the dirty linens from the previous guest were still on the laundry floor) and everything else stay with or recommend this company. We were too afraid to even try the hot tub which was one of the main requirements we have when getting a room.

Steven M. from Salem, 01/01/2020

Manager Response: I'm so sorry the cleaner missed her clean. My job is to try and make up for anything less than perfect and I sure tried. I sent a cleaner over within 20 minutes of your call and she worked hard and fast . I also gave a free night as compensation. I tried my best at your every request including firewood delivered for a few fires and a new propane tank when the other was 1/2 full. The maintenance man delivering propane was fearful he'd slip going up the side of the yard as the ground was saturated from heavy rains. He had to use the steps to the front door disturbing your stay rather than going up the side of the hill. The propane was delivered quickly. Many of the BBQs are not used this time of year and will require a quick" burn off". You had plenty but I couldn't say No when you asked. The previous week we had some heavy winds and record rain . The leak was in an isolated area where some flashing had blown off. I'm thankful you pointed that out with a call. I hope your next stay at the beach is perfect. So sorry this one was not. Karen

"This was a perfect cozy place for my significant other and I. Very close to the drive on beach access we like to use. "

Alexis S. from Banks, 01/06/2020

Manager Response: Yes, this restored vintage property has the necessities, and so close (1 block) to drive-on beach access. Thanks for choosing NANTUCKET! - Lynn

"For the first time in about 20 years, we were not completely satisfied. We have always love staying at your properties. However this time was different. The cottage was cold when we arrived - no instructions in regard to how to turn on the furnace,or where the thermostat was located. No currant instructions in regard to operating the Two T.V.s, we could not get them to turn on. Shower did not readily turn on, had to bang on the handle to get it to work. we had to flush the toilet twice to get a proper flush. We were told there were a few steps up to the prop.there were at least 14. My husband had a tough time going up and down. I had told Linda he couldn't do very many steps,Maybe I just did not explain myself well, he has trouble walking. We would not stay at this property again, When Gene came to look at the shower,toilet & sink we thought he would at least give us a voucher for a nights stay at one of your other properties, however none was forthcoming. All that was said was "well, it's an old cottage" we know the property is old, that's part of the charm, but no matter how old, we feel these things should be addressed. Your property managers, that we had to call at least three times, were so polite and patient with us we really appreciated their concern and helpfulness. "

from Springfield, 11/26/2019

Manager Response: I'm so sorry there weren't more instructions for thermostat & tvs but mostly that your husband had trouble with the stairs. Great effort is taken to make sure the cottage is sparkly clean and perfectly maintained. We forgot the obvious with the instructions. There are 14 stairs up to the house and I'll make sure that is on the description. I hope you found the inside floor plan easy with no stairs. I'll check the shower handle and toilet to make sure nobody has trouble in the future. Thanks for the feedback Mary.

"My wife and I had a wonderful time staying here. The space is clean and inviting. Very relaxing."

Dan J. from Boise, 10/11/2019

Manager Response: For a weekend retreat, NANTUCKET has what is needed; so glad you chose this sweet property. Come again! - Lynn

"The Nantucket was cute & comfy, nice location in town. No longer have a view but the beach is close. Someone parked in my space and A-1 took care of it right away. I liked it, but Road's End area is my preference to stay."

from Pasco, 09/16/2019

Manager Response: NANTUCKET has been around a long time, and is a well loved property, cozy, close to town, and a great hot tub. Glad we took care of the parking problem right , Roads End is entirely different from being close to town. Come again! - Lynn

"When we arrived, we thought what a quaint little cottage! I opened the door to an uncomfortably warm environment, swarming with flies. Opening the windows seemed a good idea, only to find none of the windows open. The only ventilation available are the two doors, neither of which have screens, hence the flies. The view towards the ocean is blocked by a four story hotel.
It must have been wonderful prior to that building presence."

from Medford, 09/02/2019

Manager Response: Since Nantucket house is smaller opening those french doors allows you to get a wonderful ocean breeze into the house. Flies aren't usually a problem . So sorry about that. We've had a few weeks of unusual warm weather without much wind which made inside extra warm & muggy everywhere. I appreciate your feedback and will pass this review to the owners. Thanks for staying.

"Nice quiet, relaxing, and clean. Very cute home just enough room for two people to enjoy themselves on vacation. "

Nicole J. from Portland, 08/21/2019

Manager Response: Thank you for choosing NANTUCKET! Centrally located, it is cozy, has a great hot tub, and is so close to both beach and town. Glad you enjoyed your stay! - Lynn

"We stayed here for our honeymoon and it was the coziest experience. We enjoyed the hot tub and the roof outside. The only issue we had was that the beach house was EXTREMELY hot! We didn’t know if the AC was broken but we had to leave the door open (the windows do not open). The bathroom is nice but the shower is very dark and small, basically impossible to shave your legs! The view wasn’t great. But the view of the stars was awesome! The location was great as the beach was in within walking distance as was other things in Lincoln city. Watch your step! Every time we went out to the hot tub we missed a step! "

from Rigby, 08/17/2019

Manager Response: HI, and so glad you enjoyed your honeymoon stay at NANTUCKET! Yes, it can get hot (no air cond.) and leaving doors open is a good plan. Considering this cozy property is a short hop to the beach, and a short walk to town, it is a favorite of many. Hope you return! - Lynn

" This was our second time staying at this property. Very cozy home well-maintained and close to a lot of amenities. Vehicle beach access two blocks away makes it very convenient to enjoy your day on the sand. We will be back again. "

Philip S. from Portland, 07/21/2019

Manager Response: We agree - NANTUCKET is a "Lincoln City Gem." Cozy, clean, close to everything. Thank you for coming twice; please come again! - Lynn

"Great little cottage, and so close to the beach! It's very spacious for its size, with all the amenities you'll need. The bed is super comfy, the decor isn't tacky and the hot tub was divine. The only drawbacks were the 2 guest limit (including visitors, so my friends that live in town could not visit us), the windows not able to be opened (it gets fairly muggy without the doors open, though that could be blamed on the weather) and the diminished effectiveness of the hot tub jets (likely due simply to age and use), though these are just nit-picky and in no way detracted from the quality of out stay. The observation deck was a nice touch though, and it was perfectly priced. We will definitely be staying here again! P.S. - Don't feel pressured to install the app that they push on you through your email, it is absolutely not needed."

from Gladstone, 07/18/2019

Manager Response: Thanks for staying. I'm happy you enjoyed The Nantucket. Hope to see you again soon. Karen

"We were a little concerned that we would miss the ocean view but were looking for a place with a private hot tub.
Nantucket was perfect for what we needed. The weather was overcast so we took full advantage of the hot tub and fireplace. the kitchen was nicely stocked for cooking, the bed was the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in, the location was great, within a 5 minute walk to the beach and a short drive to the grocery store.
We would not hesitate to stay here again, however, it would be nice if the cottage was stocked with paper towels or napkins and some sort of tupperware type containers. Other than those two things the cottage was perfect, comfortable and everything we needed for a few days at the beach!!!!"

Jessica D. from Portland, 05/23/2019

Manager Response: I'm happy you loved the Nantucket. Thanks for the heads up on more paper towels and tupperware. That's an easy fix. Hope to see you soon at the Nantucket. Karen

"Had a great time even with it raining everday. originally booked the miracle, which would have been nice because it was closer to the ocean "

Steve S. from Copperton, 04/29/2019

Manager Response: Hi, Steve, Happy you had a great time at NANTUCKET! Yes, Miracles had been sold so thank you for changing properties; each have their individual charm and Nantucket is only a 5 walk. Please come again! - Lynn at a1

"The Nantucket Cottage is absolutely delightful. It isn't pretentious or grandiose, but what it is is perfect. The photos are not doctored, what you see is what you get. You can't always SEE the ocean, but you can hear it when you want to. The hotel across the street isn't awesome, but you can't hear them. Traffic is minimal, the kitchen is small but well-stocked, and everything worked the way it should. We will be back!"

Kirk H. from Portland, 04/05/2019

Manager Response: Hi, Kirk, thank you for choosing the NANTUCKET! We appreciate all of your kind comments. Please come again! - Lynn with a1

"Very cute beach rental. Just enough to feel at home and not much extra. The shower was very small. The fireplace was grt. "

Kris D. from Redmond, 03/18/2019

Manager Response: Hi, Kris, and thank you for choosing NANTUCKET, a much-loved cottage. Yes, very to see you again! - Lynn with a1

"The Nantucket is perfectly situated just a couple of blocks to the beach! The hot tub was LOVELY as was the fireplace! We enjoyed a number of amazing, local restaurants. I was able to schedule a deep tissue massage at Back In Touch during our stay. UNFORTUNATELY, there was a dead rat in the bathroom upon our arrival. This was quite unnerving. Karen had someone come and remove the rat within a few minutes. She apologized and advised that rats are common at the beach. My negotiations with Karen to be fairly compensated for this disturbing situation were fruitless. (In addition, there are no openable windows in the cottage for ventilation. The sofas are old and smelly.)"

from Walla Walla, 01/16/2019

Manager Response: This was an issue that I tried my best to solve for the guest by taking care of the situation quickly with removal , sanitizing and a Free night refund in addition to a Free night for another stay. After research and speaking with the neighbor I found out some Decon was used under their porch and that was the cause of the unwanted surprise. First time in 20 years renting that lovely Nantucket home that has happened. There are mice , rats and raccoons in Lincoln City but seldom do they come in a house. Underneath the house and all plumbing pipes & insulation has been thoroughly checked for any holes to keep that from every happening again. The neighbor has removed his Decon. The Nantucket has lovely french doors that open to a private deck for a fresh ocean breeze anytime you like. I appreciate the heads up on the sofa. Never have heard that but checked it out and did a professional carpet, furniture clean and thorough sanitizing throughout. Hope this guest gives us another try. Karen

"we enjoyed our birthday getaway ,,,may come back again sometme"

from Pasco, 10/07/2018

Manager Response: Thanks for staying!

"The Nantucket is very cozy and the perfect size for two. The location is great for walks to the beach or short drives along the coast line in either direction. Would stay again. Thank you for such a gift. "

from Kuna, 09/13/2018

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed Nantucket! Come back again soon!

"This quaint space was exactly as it was advertised...a perfect place for 2 and apparently a great anniversary getaway based on the guest book. The bed was cozy, the hot tub was awesome and we actually sat in the sun on the upper deck. So close to the beach access and we walked to dinner most evenings. It's not fancy but a very nice cabin 'feel' and a special place we'll come back to. "

Sunday M. from Bellingham, 09/12/2018

Manager Response: Glad you had a good stay at Nantucket! Hope to see you again soon!

"It was a great place to stay with a wonderful hot tub, ample space and good location. It was perfect for two people. The only thing missing was there was no soap for the shower. We will stay again. "

rochelle H. from Vancouver, 07/08/2018

Manager Response: Thanks for staying! Hope to see you again soon!

"Very relaxing trip with my teen daughter. It was a perfect cozy getaway and loved the hot tub and short trip to the beach!"

Daria W. from Clackamas, 07/17/2018

Manager Response: So glad that you enjoyed the Nantucket! Please visit again soon!

"This is a very cute/cozy home; just the right size for two people. There is a hotel across the street from it however, so you do not have a clear shot view of the beach, but it's still a great location. At either end of the street you'll have beach access, and one of them you can even just drive your car onto the sand! You're very close to everything as well within the city. We did notice the fireplace was never cleared out before we arrived, but it was not a big deal since we decided to not make one ourselves over our stay. Aside from that, the hot tub was amazing, the king bed was extremely comfortable, and the home is fairly well equipped (no dishwasher though). We had a great birthday vacation, thank you!"

Elizabeth L. from Bend, 06/04/2018

Manager Response: Wonderful to have you stay at Nantucket for your Birthday!! Honored to have you back for another special occassion. Karen

"It was amazing /relaxing /home had everything we needed and more. "

jennifer j. from Boring, 05/09/2018

Manager Response: So glad that you enjoyed Nantucket! Hope you visit again soon!

"We love this home as it was our own. Owner is super caring and easy to work with. We will be returning again."

Autumn F. from Oak Harbor, 03/20/2018

Manager Response: Really pleased that you enjoyed your stay at the Nantucket! See you again soon!

"Had an amazing weekend escape at the beautiful Nantucket. Lovely home and amazing hot tub. Had a fantastic time."

James L. from Wilsonville, 01/09/2018

Manager Response: Thanks for staying. Hope to see you soon. Karen

"We loved Nantucket! Very homey, comfortable, relaxing, convenient location. Clean, well equipped. Loved the hot tub and fireplace! Will definitely be back and highly recommend. "

Maureen P. from Portland, 11/17/2017

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed Nantucket! Please visit again soon!

"We rented Nantucket for our honeymoon, thinking it would be a good alternative to some of the more expensive ocean side motels in the area. We are so happy to say it was so much better. It was charming, just as described, and unlike a hotel it offered more privacy. There was a storm the night before we got in, and it caused issues with the hot tub. But Karen called us before we even arrived to let us know about the issue and that someone would be out the following morning to fix it. The beach is just a short walk from the rental, but if you are out of shape like me you can even drive down to the beach and park right on the sand. We enjoyed eating at Mo's and Kyllo's and surprisingly Pig n' Pancake. We also drove down to Depoe Bay and did some shopping there. I also really loved having a washer and dryer in the unit so I didn't have to bring home dirty laundry! Only down sides, if you are taller than 6' the shower is going to be overly cramped, and when walking from the living room into the bedroom there is a 8-10" step that can catch you off guard the first few times."

Victoria D. from ROSEBURG, 10/27/2017

Manager Response: So glad that you enjoyed your Honeymoon at Nantucket! Hope to see you again in the future!

"Perfect place for a couple! It's cozy, but doesn't feel small. Had a romantic feel about it. A small Oceanview from the upper deck, but we weren't really comfortable going up there as a newer rental is right behind with a window overlooking the deck. We loved how near it was to walk down to beach. Also loved the French doors going out to the deck and hot tub from the bedroom​. Lots of movies, would've been nice to have some Romantic choices. Bed very comfy!

Mark H. from Portland, 10/21/2017

Manager Response: Glad you enjoyed the Nantucket! Please come again soon!

"Warm and comfortable home away from home.
Lovely stay, friendly service."

Autumn F. from Oak Harbor, 10/17/2017

Manager Response: So glad that you enjoyed the Nantucket! Please come again soon!

"Loved the house and experience "

Tamara I. from , 09/27/2017

Manager Response: Glad you enjoyed the Nantucket! Come again soon!

"I loved this house it was phenomenal it was cozy the hot tub was awesome I will stay there again"

Susan C. from Spokane, 09/19/2017

Manager Response: So glad that you enjoyed Nantucket and the hot tub! Please come again soon!

"Loved this sweet little place. Had our anniversary weekend here and it had everything we needed (except sugar for big deal). So comfy and hot tub was awesome after a chill day at the beach or hike to Cascade head. Also AMAZING location, 2 blocks to shops, bars, beach access, and restaurants! We loved the Nantucket and will absolutely be back!"

emily t. from Portland, 09/15/2017

Manager Response: Really pleased that you enjoyed the Nantucket! Please come again soon!

"Had a fabulous time again in this cute little house. Nice and roomy with a wonderful King bed and a hot tub to enjoy the outdoor patio. Even though there is not a view of the beach, you can still hear the sounds and make a short walk to get to it."

Brenda M. from Gresham, 08/17/2017

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed the Nantucket! Please come visit again soon!

Love this house like it was my owm"

Nicole J. from Portland, 08/16/2017

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed the Nantucket! Please visit again soon!

"We enjoyed a laid back vacation in Lincoln City. The only potential issue we really had with the rental was parking. Parking was on the street in front of the rental in a gravel pull out. The rental agreement stated very clearly that only 1 vehicle was allowed. We were called by the landlord asking us to be willing to share our parking spot woth another renter that was staying nearby. Even though we never saw a car, we thought this was a bit rude to require one car but be willing to potentially share an already small parking space."

from Portland, 08/01/2017

"We had a fabulous time! At first I was reluctant because of how close the hotels and other rentals were to our house but once we got inside you could hardly hear anyone else. The kitchen had all the things we needed to cook during our entire stay including supplies to clean with. The bed was amazing and soft! The towel situation was on point! The hot tub worked and the top balcony view was a great place to watch the sunset. We will definitely return!"

Jane M. from Atlanta, 07/26/2017

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed the Nantucket! Please visit again!

"I loved our stay at the Nantucket! The place was clean and perfect for just the two of us. The hottub was an added bonus and the bed was very comfortable! They could invest in some new cooking pans though! Other than that we loved our stay and will be staying there again!"

Myriah D. from Corvallis, 06/27/2017

"We had so much fun, nice cozy get away! Place was clean, "

Carla A. from Costa Mesa, 06/13/2017

Manager Response: Glad you enjoyed your time at Nantucket! Please come visit again soon!

"Awe lovely will rent again clean big cozy fur two good parking plenty towels hit tub awesome roof top deck so enjoyable"

Carlotta C. from Salem, 05/21/2017

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed the Nantucket! Please come again!

"Couch pretty well broken down and lacked kitchen silverware, old toaster and coffee pot too small."

from Emmett, 05/13/2017

Manager Response: Thanks for the Heads Up on the sofa. Although it looks great it may need replacing. I'll check it out asap . Also appreciate the suggestions on utensils. Easy fix and again I'm thankful for the heads up so that the next guests are loving The Nantucket. Karen

"The rental was great me and my wife enjoyed a lot. The rental is perfect for two people very warm and cozy."

from Middleton, 03/30/2017

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed your stay at the beach! Please come again!

"The Nantucket is a nice old cottage. Even though the view was not good we did enjoy the stay. A short walk to the beach and the upper deck would be great in the summer. The bed is comfortable and the French doors out to the hot tub is great. It was great to have the laundry available but the cleaning staff needs to pay closer attention to detail. The lint trap was so full it was very difficult to remove to empty. There were cobwebs from just about every light fixture in the place.
There is some much needed maintenance that needs to be done. The gutter just above the hot tub is ready to fall off and on the last night of our stay the roof was leaking in the dining area.
All that said we did enjoy our trip and would stay again. "

from Mcminnville, 02/11/2017

Manager Response: Before these guests stayed we had a brutal wind storm that tore our gutter , ripped a valley shingle and knocked over our electric meter. Most all is repaired and we are waiting to see if we took care of a small leak that remained. Record rains caused havok in some way with most properties in town. Sure appreciate the guest feed back on clean. I went there myself and worked with the cleaner on a deep light fixture , ceiling and all over dusting. Hope to have them stay again. Karen

"Nantucket is one of our favorite places to stay in Lincoln City. It's perfect for a weekend getaway with my husband. I just wish we could stay even longer."

from dundee, 02/08/2017

Manager Response: Really glad you enjoyed your vacation at the beach! Please come visit again soon!

"Wonderful experience! No complaints, neat ocean, nice hot tub, clean and good staff. "

Christina F. from Noblesville, 11/11/2016

Manager Response: Thanks for your kind review! Please come again soon!

"We had a wonderful time. Bed was very comfortable. Decided to not cook but everything was available that we needed. "

from Damascus, 10/02/2016

Manager Response: So glad you had a great stay! Please come again soon!

"The place nice and convenient. I was hoping for a view of the waves from the porch/patio, but I guess the condos across the street got that. There were more stairs to the front door than I was expecting, and for seniors, that is an issue. Otherwise, our stay was great!"

from Hayward, 09/25/2016


Nicole J. from Portland, 08/24/2016

Manager Response: Thanks for staying with us!

"My husband and I never received a honeymoon last year when we got married. So for our 1yr anniversary we made a point to pick a location that was easy access to the beach, that had a hot tube and overall gave us an opportunity for a relaxing time. We have nothing horrible to say about our stay we spent a lot of time in Newport and sadly didn't get to enjoy the house as much as we would have liked, however it was so relaxing to come back to peace and quite from our long day. We were able to locate a few local food places and had an overall great time. "

from Gresham, 08/19/2016

Manager Response: Thanks for staying! Please return again soon!

"Very great stay. Only downside was hot tub cleaner showed up around 10am to start cleaning it. Felt pressured to hurry up and get out. Probably be best if they showed up at 11 instead of your guest seeing a random woman creep up the side of the house to the hot tub. "

from Portland, 08/16/2016

Manager Response: Thank for staying. The hot tub fellow starts his day at 10am. So sorry you felt pressured. Your tub was probably 1st on his list. He has a short window to get them clean & sanitized before 3pm check in. We'll discuss to see if there may be other options. Karen

"This little cottage was the perfect place for our 20th anniversary weekend. A short walk to the beach or the shops and just a quick drive to the casino. Loved being able to get in the hot tub after a long day of playing in Lincoln City. One suggestion: The bedroom needs a DVD player. Overall we had a great stay. Would definitely recommend this place to our friends and families for a couple's weekend."

Donna Z. from Springfield, 07/19/2016

Manager Response: So glad you enjoyed your stay! Please visit again soon!

"My husband and I had a fabulous weekend staying in this cute, cozy beach home. The beach was just steps from our door. The upper and lower decks were perfect for soaking up some rays. The hot tub was the best part! We will definitely stay here again, highly recommended!"

Alison H. from Portland, 06/15/2016

Manager Response: Thanks for staying! Please visit again soon!

" We arrived Monday night the 30th unloaded the car got to watch some of her game notice the road was tore up in front of the house can figure out what was going on to only be woke up at seven in the morning to loud cranes and trucks. The noise was so loud the dust was horrible we could not enjoy the deck or the hot tub so we left and went to our friends house and stay there all day came home around 4:30 PM to only be told that we couldn't get to the house go down the street they yelled at me and screamed at me I got out and said my beach house rental is on that street and this is not right . Finally one of the workers took me down a road only to go all the way out of my way just to get to the house then when I got to the house where I was supposed to park was all tore up so was hard for me to get my little car up in there to once again be disappointed because of the dust in the loud noise so we left the next morning early wouldn't even use the house weren't offered our cleaning deposits or anything for our troubles but they did say Sorry and they had no idea it was being done."

Yvonne S. from Gresham, 06/03/2016

Manager Response: I just called this guest because I stopped by the house to check on the cleaner's work and had to maneuver the terrible dust and loud noise. I called this guest and gave her a refund and a free night . The road is now paved and everything is dust free and ready for guests. I hope to see Yvonne for a free night and show her a nice escape to the beach. Karen

"This was our third stay at Nantucket cottage. Every experience has been positive and memorable. We kayaked on the Siletz at Coyote Rock RV Park and did some boogie boarding at 11th street beach access. Also had our second glass blowing session at Jennifer Sears glass studio."

David C. from Portland, 05/26/2016

Manager Response: Thanks for staying! Please come again soon!

"Had a great time there for my wife's birthday very nicely located and very quiet."

Lawrence H. from Salem, 05/05/2016

Manager Response: Thanks a lot! Come back soon!

"Nice atmosphere. Close to shops, casino and beach. Hot tub was great but the top was broken and hard to remove and main lights did not work (tried every switch we could find). "

Larry E. from Washougal, 05/07/2016

Another great stay

"This is our second stay at this property and we absolutely love it. Its private, a short walk to beach access and near all the stores and restaurants. The bed was comfortable, the furniture had been upgraded since our last stay and the house was once again immaculate. We were unable to get the TV working while we were there so we watched a few of the DVD's provided. I would also suggest that someone do an inventory of the dishes and cookware. There was no strainer for straining noodles/potatoes, and there were very few drinking glasses. We made do though. We really love this house and will not hesitate to come back for a third, fourth and fifth visit in the future!"

Jessica D. from Portland,

Manager Response:

There are 2 TV's at Nantucket. One is for DVD's only in the bedroom.

The one in the living room sounds like it was on the DVD setting. I had James go check that so that TV/cable is working correct.  Thank you for letting us know, however at anytime during your stay we want you to call us if something is not working correctly. Usually a setting is off.

Come back soon!


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